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Arthroscopic Surgery with Dr. Alper Gamlı

alper gamlı.png

In today's modern medicine, performing joint and soft tissue surgeries with arthroscopic methods has been accepted as the gold standard. In our Arthroscopic Surgery Workshop, we will talk about the theoretical benefits, history and ease of operation of this method. In the practical part, we will witness the method of application and how the patient's inside of the joint is viewed. We welcome all doctor candidates who are interested in joint surgery to our Arthroscopic Surgery workshop!!!

Plaster and Splint Applications with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kayahan Karaytuğ


Hello! At ALIS this year, we offer you the opportunity to attend the workshop of orthopedic doctor Kayahan Karaytuğ called "Plaster and Splint Applications". Mr. Karaytuğ will explain why correct plaster and splint applications are important, application techniques and how they are effective in the healing process of patients. In this workshop, participants will gain practical knowledge and benefit from the expert's experience. We look forward to attending this workshop and we will be happy to see you among us!

Botox Applications with Op. Dr. Abdullah Etöz

abdullah etöz.png

A fun workshop is waiting for you at ALIS'23, where we will chat and get informed about botox applied in many medical fields, especially aesthetics, together with Operating Doctor Abdullah Etöz, and then we will see the botox application on a live model.

Sailing with Görkem Kara

görkem k.jpg

In our Sailing Workshop, we will learn basic and intermediate level information in the sport of sailing, which is becoming increasingly popular in Istanbul and, of course, in our country. We will have information about the historical process of sailing and we will talk about competitions, excursions and training. We will also improve ourselves on the practical part of many sailing terms such as tying with practical explanations. We are waiting for our free-spirited participants who love the sea, wind and action to go to our sailing workshop!!!

Body Interact with Dr. Feray Güven

feray g.png

By utilizing the Body Interact modules in the CASE Simulation center at our school, participants in the Body Interact workshop can engage in interactive simulations featuring a virtual patient. These simulations cover a wide range of scenarios, providing a realistic experience with over 1000 expert data scenarios to choose from. During the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to practice their clinical skills and decision-making abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

Ultrasonography with Yılmaz Onat Köylüoğlu

onat k.jpg

One of the magnificent workshops of ALIS'23, which everyone is waiting for with curiosity and excitement, is the ultrasonography workshop. For ultrasonography, we can briefly say that imaging in various parts of the body with the use of high-frequency sound waves. In this workshop, our instructor Yılmaz Onat Köylüoğlu will give theoretical training to our participants about ultrasonography, which is one of the important developments in the medical world. Later, our participants will have the chance to put into practice the knowledge they have learned in the models in the CASE Skill Laboratory within Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University. We are waiting for all participants in our workshop.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Ahmet Karagöz

ahmet k.jpg

In the introduction to artificial intelligence workshop, the structure and ogranisation of the hevi AI company, which produces AI solutions in health, at the Acıbadem University Incubation Center, how multidisciplinary solutions are produced; Generative adversarial networks (GAN), one of today's most popular topics in medical images, will be introduced.

3D Printing with Lecturer Dr. Deniz Yücel


The field of healthcare has been revolutionized by 3D printing technology and tissue engineering, which offer new opportunities for medical research and treatment. In this event, we will receive a training session from Deniz Yücel, who will discuss the various ways in which 3D printers and tissue engineering are used in healthcare. During the event, we will also have the opportunity to tour the Tissue Engineering Laboratory and observe the cutting-edge equipment and techniques used in these studies. This includes Scanning Electron Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes, various 3D printers, and Stem Cell Culture equipment, among others.

Airline Management with Int. Dr. Burak Alapala

burak a.jpg

Have you ever thought that at the present time in one day, even in one hour, hundreds of planes carry thousands of passengers from one country to another country in sky. So how do they minimize the plane crashes? Or when there is a problem, even in another continent, at the same moment how do they solve it with the collaboration of officers. In our “Airway Management” workshop we will feed your cruosity. From the Acıbadem University Intern Doctor Burak Alapala is going to explain you how this order works when even the tiniest carelessness may have big consequences and give you an workshop experience that you won’t forget in your lifetime.

Everything About HPV with Dr. Gözde Ünsal: "Vaccine, Pap Smear, Colonoscopy..."

gözde ü_edited.png

What is HPV? In what ways can a person be infected by HPV? Is there any relationship between HPV and cervical cancer? What are the symptoms of cervical cancer? How does the treatment process go? What tests are used in the diagnosis? Which age group should be screened regularly? We want to answer all those questions and more with Dr. Gözde Ünsal! To enlighten all the unknowns about HPV and cervical cancer, you are welcome to our HPV workshop. See you at ALIS’23!

Auscultation with Int. Dr. Ömer Orhun

ömer o.JPG

One of the magnificent workshops at ALIS 2023, which everyone is eagerly waiting for, is the auscultation workshop to be given by Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine student Beril Ay. So what exactly are we going to do in this workshop? Auscultation is the process of listening inside the body through a stethoscope to treat a disease. It is possible to do this listening process for the examination of the respiratory system, circulatory system and gastrointestinal system. During the physical examination of the patients, auscultation is an indispensable part of the diagnosis. In this way, it is easier to diagnose the disease and determine the treatment. We also offer the opportunity to experience this process on high-level simulation human bodies provided by our university.

Internal Medicine Case Session with Dr. Can Boynukara

can b.jpg

At the 2023 ALIS, We will be with you with the internal medicine case session with Dr. Can Boynukara. We will conduct an informative and enjoyable interactive session by looking at the patient's findings and measurements. We look forward to seeing you in our session where we will talk about minimally invasive surgery. See you at 2023 ALIS!

General Surgery Case Session with Dr. Ahmet Anıl Sahar

Ahmet Anıl Sahar.JPG

We will be with you with the general surgery case session that will take place at ALIS, one of the eagerly awaited congresses of this year. We will conduct an interactive case session by looking at the patient's findings, the measurements made and interpreting them together. During this session, with Dr. Ahmet Anıl Sahar's presentation, we will have learned about how we can have a decision-making process in different types of cases in general surgery based on his experiences and we will have learned to think multidimensionally in the face of a case. We are looking forward to seeing you at this session too!!

The Effects of Meditation and Mindfulness Studies on Our Body and Mind with Prof. Dr. Burak Musa Ayhan

burak ayhan.JPG

At our workshop about meditation and mindfulness-based practices, you will have the chance to discover the connections between yoga and the mind. In the workshop, the effects of mindfulness-based meditation studies on the brain and the body will be discussed with Dr. Burak M. Ayhan, and you will have the opportunity to improve yourself by doing practice.

Healthy Snacks with Dyt. Psk. Alara Kerimler

dyt. alara kerimler.jpg

Dietitian Psychologist Alara Kerimler has a double major in nutrition, dietetics and psychology. After graduation, she completed her master's degree in "Clinical Psychology" and then did her second master's degree in "Clinical Psychology and Eating Disorders". Currently, she works mostly on eating disorders.

In our workshop with Alara Kerimler, we will prepare and taste healthy and practical snacks and talk about eating disorders while doing them. A very entertaining and informative workshop awaits you!

Virtual Patient with Int. Dr. Enes Bilir

Have you ever asked, “When will we use this theoretical knowledge in practice?” Our Virtual Patient workshop will combine the theoretical knowledge of medical students with practical applications, allowing you to experience different patient scenarios adapted from real life in a simulation environment as if you were intervening with a real patient. Our instructors Int. Dr. Enes Bilir and our 3rd year student, Nehir Karadeniz, will offer you the opportunity to practice recognizing and treating diseases that you may encounter in your medical career in many different scenarios.

On the high-tech model in our workshop, the findings of many different patients who require emergency medical attention will be presented to you and you will evaluate the medical condition of these patients and make diagnosis and conduct treatment plans. The simulations are designed to reflect the situations of real-life patients, allowing you to be more prepared for difficult situations and to see how emergency situations will be managed very closely, and you will also have the opportunity to see the medical equipment and devices to be used up close.

Surgical Suture with Dr. Nur Ramoğlu

nur r.jpg

Dr. Nur Ramoğlu graduated from Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine in 2021 and is a general surgery resident. In this workshop, suture, which is an important skill in many medical fields, will be discussed. In the workshop, participants will have knowledge about basic suturing techniques and will have the opportunity to try these techniques on simulators. The workshop will be held in CASE Skill Laboratory at Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University.

Birth Simulation with Dr. Eren Kaya

Eren Kaya Fotoğraf.jpg

Another workshop that we will have the opportunity to experience at ALIS23, which we are eagerly awaiting, is the "Birth Simulation" workshop. Under the guidance of Dr. Eren Kaya, who specializes in this field, we will learn theoretical information about the birth process and put them into practice at our simulation center. If the idea of a new life beginning in the hands of doctors draws your attention, we would like to see you among us in this workshop!

Laparoscopic Surgery with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Volkan Özben and Dr. Can Saraçoğlu

volkan ö.png

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the most innovative techniques in modern surgical techniques. In this method, access to the abdominal cavity is provided by usually using small incisions, and surgical procedures are performed. Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive than open surgery and offers a faster healing process. Our workshop has an interactive simulation where you can experience the necessary equipment and methods for laparoscopic surgery. While learning modern surgical techniques in this workshop, you will also have a lot of fun. Additionally, you can ask our expert trainers any questions you have in mind.

can s.png

Evolution of Medicine with Prof. Dr. Nadi Bakırcı and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih Artvinli

Prof. Dr. Nadi Bakırcı.JPG

Medicine is acknowledged as a sacred and an important profession by many people. Well, were the physicians like today used to wear white coats and work at hospitals ? How were the surgeries were done without the modern anesthetics? In our “Evolution of Medicine“ named workshop we aim to bring the journey how medicine started and how it became what it is today to the light. We will present you how was medicine needed effort and sacrifices from the doctors and how it evolved to present day from the hard days. From Acıbadem University, Ass. Prof. Fatih Artvinli and Prof. Dr. Nadi Bakırcı are going to tell you evolution of medicine and give you an enjoyable workshop experience.

DaVinci Robotic Surgery with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgüç Takmaz and Assoc. Prof. Dr. İsmail Ahmet Bilgin

Doç. Dr. İsmail Ahmet Bilgin.PNG

With the rapid advancement of technology, surgery has become one of the most affected areas by the developments in medicine. Operations consisting of long incisions have started to become easier with the development of laparoscopic surgery. Eventually, robotic systems also came into play. Thanks to this, doctors began to perform operations with small incisions, from the head of the console, with the help of small channels called ports. You will have the opportunity to see this new generation surgery technology very closely in our DaVinci workshop.

Anatomy of Entrepreneurship with Dr. Melih Taha Aytep

melih a.png

Dr. Melih Taha Aytep graduated from Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 2022. He is the founder of Yönderle Academy, which provides training, consultancy and corporate social impact project design support to 100+ different institutions and organizations in our country. Working primarily in the field of learning ecosystem design and entrepreneurship, Dr. Melih Taha Aytep continues to design and manage the corporate social responsibility projects of the largest companies in our country while designing innovative and creative learning ecosystems for 100+ different institutions and organizations in our country. In this workshop, we will talk about how we can turn our ideas and projects into a sustainable business model by learning the Basic Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship with Int. Dr. Oğuz Can Işık

oğuz ı_edited.jpg

Founder and CEO of Innorare and one of the entrepreneurs of Acıbadem University Technology Development Center, Int. Dr. Oğuz Can Işık will share his "entrepreneurship experiences while studying medicine" in this workshop. You will also have the opportunity to network at the end of our workshop where you will have the experience of discovering the shortest path to your potential start-up in an interactive way.

Dancing with Okan Gülşafak

okan g.JPG

In 2023 ALIS, we are with you with Cha Cha, one of the sporty Latin dances, with Okan Göktuğ Gülşafak. We will dance with the basics of Cha Cha individually and with a partner!

Career Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Banu Engür

banu e.jpg

As Abdi İbrahim, we believe in the importance of working with a "good" team while preparing for the future in light of Strategy 2025. We have defined our special processes for attracting the right talents to the organization in recruitment, retaining and developing our existing talents, and future-oriented backup studies. At the same time, we continue to carry out our processes. In this workshop, we will get to know the pharmaceutical industry and Abdi İbrahim. We will get to know each other by playing games. You are invited to discover with us this journey of improvement from the past to the future, where we learn every day, feel proud and belong!

Eating Awareness with Dr. Gizem Köse

gizem k.JPG

Dr. Gizem Köse graduated from Başkent University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and worked on Obesity and Eating Disorders in a psychiatric hospital for many years. She expanded her experience by visiting eating disorders clinics in the United States. She made the definition of Eating Awareness known as 'Mindful Eating' and published it in a scientific journal for the first time in Turkey. She received Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) training in Boston. She continues her studies/trainings on Eating Disorders and Eating Awareness and continues her academic life at Acıbadem University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics English. In addition to her many published researches, she has 9 books and book chapters. Her book 'Is It Possible to Think While Eating' is about Eating Awareness.

In our workshop, we will both practice and learn very useful and detailed information on 'Mindful Eating' with Dr. Gizem Köse!

Dilemma Game with Prof. Dr. Yeşim Işıl Ülman, Innovative Approach to Research Ethics


Prof. Dr. Yeşim Işıl Ülman is a lecturer of Medical History and Ethics at Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine and the head of the Institute of Social Sciences at the same university. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Letters in 1982, she completed her master's degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences and a second master's degree at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine at the same university, and received her doctorate degree in History of Medicine and Ethics at I.U. Institute of Health Sciences. He served as a member of the Scientific Committee and Secretary General of the International Congress on the History of Medicine (ISHM 2002), as deputy editor of the journal Yeni Tıp Tarihi Araştırmaları (1997-2006), and as president of the Turkish Bioethics Association (2007-2012). He is a researcher affiliated to the Institut Français des Etudes Anatoliennes (IFEA) and has contributed to international meetings on the history of medicine, has published articles in national and international journals and edited books. His main research interests are history of modernization in medicine, human sciences education in medicine, basic issues of bioethics, bioethics education.

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