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Q: Will the scientific fee be refunded within the acceptance of the participants who applied for the written participation?

A: Students who will make presentations at our congress with informed participation can request support from their schools with an invitation letter to be sent to them when they are selected. If their demands are not accepted, only the scientific program fees will be covered by our congress.

Q: How many papers do you accept for paper submission?

A: A maximum of 10 oral presentations and 15 poster presentations will be accepted.


Q: What should I do to attend the congress if my submitted application is not accepted?

A: You will be asked whether you want to attend the congress in the e-mail stating that your submitted participation is not accepted. If you indicate that you want to participate in the congress, your congress application will be changed to participation without notice by us. If you indicate that you do not want to attend the congress, the full amount you paid will be returned to your account. If you state that you want to attend the congress and cancel the registration afterwards, the cancellation policy valid for all participants will be applied.

Q: Will only original research be accepted for paper submission or are case reports also accepted?

A: Case reports are welcome, but original work will be given priority during evaluation.

Q: Do you accept two people for student presentations?

A: Oral presentations must be presented by one person and only the scientific program fee of the person who will make the presentation will be covered by our congress. Poster presentations can be presented by one or two students. In case of two students, the scientific program fee of both students will be covered by our congress. However, if two people make the poster presentation and the presentation is successful, the prize will not change and will be left to the preference of the students who offer prize sharing.


Q: Do the presenters have to make their presentations in English?

A: Turkish-English simultaneous translation will be provided during our congress. Participants will be able to make presentations in English or Turkish as they wish.



Q: How many rooms will there be for accommodation? If we want to stay 3 people, can we arrange the same room?

A: Our rooms are planned for 2 people and 3 people. On the registration page, there is a section for the names and surnames of the people you want to stay with. You can enter the information of your friends you will stay with and buy your accommodation ticket for 2 or 3 people.


Q: How will we arrange transportation for the hotel? How will the transportation be for those coming from out of town?

A: Considering the survey results to be sent to the participants by our logistics team close to the congress, shuttles to our school will be removed from certain locations (possible locations: Dudullu Bus Terminal, Sabiha Gökçen Airport) on the morning of 27 March 2020.


Q: How far is it from the school to the hotel?

A: It is 10 minutes away by bus from the hotel to the school.


Q: I will come with my suitcase from out of town on the first day of the congress. Where can I leave my luggage at the convention center?

A: On the first day of our congress, our guests from out of town can deliver their luggage to the luggage room in our school. Luggage room service is free.


Q: When is the earliest I can check-in for the hotel?

A: Check-in procedures of our guests with accommodation will be made collectively after the scientific program on the first day of the congress. Prior check-in at the hotel will not be accepted.


Q: Do I have the chance to stay in the hotel you have chosen for the congress before or after the congress?

A: We do not have any agreements with our hotel Hilton Istanbul Kozyatağı for extra stays. Extra accommodation is under the responsibility of our participants.




Q: What are the conditions for participation in the congress without notice?

A: There are no age or faculty restrictions to attend our congress without notice. Graduates, high school students and students from other departments can attend our congress.


Q: What is the latest date I can register as an unannounced participant?

A: Registration to the scientific program will continue until the day of the congress, but gala, accommodation and after party quotas are limited. Registration will close when the quotas are full. Information on the occupancy rates of the quotas will be shared on our social media accounts. Stay tuned with us.


Q: Can I only participate in the social program without participating in the scientific?

A: No, participation in the scientific program is mandatory in order to participate in the social program.


Q: How do we process payments?

A: If you register on our site, a confirmation e-mail containing our account information will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to our team during registration. After the confirmation e-mail is sent, you must deposit the fee to our account via eft/wire transfer within 15 days.


Q: I registered for the congress and deposited the fee into the required bank account, but due to reasons beyond my control, I will not be able to attend the congress. Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

A: According to our cancellation and refund policy, 50% refund is given until 29 February, and no refund after 29 February.


Q: Can we deposit funds from multiple participants from the same bank account?

A: Yes, it can be done, but the names, surnames of the people and the types of tickets they purchased must be specified in the explanation section.


Q: How many of the workshops will we be able to attend?

A: Each participant will have the right to choose 1 or 2 workshops according to the workshop they will choose.


Q: When will workshop registrations begin? How will we choose?

A: You can make your workshop preferences through a form that will be shared with you from the WhatsApp groups to be created. Since our workshops have limited quotas, participants will be selected by considering the order of filling out the form in workshops with high demand. During the selection process, there will be a certain quota reserved for our early registration participants. The opening date of the form will be announced in advance in the groups.

For example: If workshop X has a quota of 50 people, the quota of 20 will be open only to early registration participants. This 20-person quota will be open to early-registered participants, and the remaining 30-person quota will be open to early- and late-registered participants.



Q: While registering for the congress, I did not register for gala/after party organizations. Can I register for social activities on the congress day?

A: Gala, After Party organizations have limited quota. If there is a vacant quota, there will be ticket sales on the day of the congress.

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